Remote and Online Meetings – Essential Success Skills

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Mike Fraidenburg designs and delivers facilitation services ranging in format from small technical and task-oriented workgroups to large-audience conferences. He has extensive experience facilitating science intensive issues and, as a certified mediator, using interest-based bargaining techniques to create consensus in his facilitations. His facilitation experience includes international scientific review panels, discovery and coordination meetings of regional groups (e.g., data managers, programmers, statisticians), and program evaluations and strategic planning. Mike has been facilitating online meetings to collect citizen participation input, create consensus opinions of advisory groups, conduct strategic and operational planning, and for training other facilitators in online facilitation techniques.

Posted: Wednesday, September 23, 2015 5:35 pm

Learn how to merge your existing facilitation skills with online technology to manage meetings effectively even when you cannot get people together in the same room.

This 6-hour online course, recorded in October 2015, provides a practical model and extensive toolkit for designing and facilitating online meetings.

This training, presented in three 2-hour webinars, offers specific strategies you can use immediately to create a participatory environment where all attendees are providing ideas, remaining engaged, and contributing to the meeting’s success.

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  • Design and implement a facilitation that is appropriate for the online environment.
  • Pick and use the online meeting support tools that are a best fit for the purpose of your meeting.
  • Manage the group discussion and teamwork to ensure forward momentum to arrive at a definitive closure.
  • Manage participation to keep everyone engaged and 'on task'.


This course equips you with knowledge and tools for creating and facilitating online meetings to share information, evaluate options, or decide something. You will learn how to tackle some of these common challenges:

  • Adapt face-to-face techniques with appropriate online techniques and technology.
  • Keeping remote participants engaged.
  • Minimizing distractions and multi-tasking.
  • Collecting feedback from remote participants.
  • Managing people when you can’t see non-verbal cues.
  • Bringing the online meeting to closure and getting a clear decision.


  • Facilitators who need to add online meeting facilitation to their tool kit.
  • Professionals who lead meetings in which all or a portion of the participants are offsite.
  • Trainers who need to get everyone 'on the same page.'
  • Supervisors, managers, and project managers responsible for teamwork when the team can’t work at the same location.

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