Green Roofs …Biological-Engineered Stormwater Mitigation Systems

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Steven M. Cohan, Ph.D., has been a professor of plant science and landscape architecture at the University of Maryland since 2000. He coordinates the university's Green Roof Research Team, which studies green roof systems - enhancing stormwater mitigation performance through the development of low-carbon footprint substrates and wireless monitoring. The UMD program has gained national recognition for its research, which has included analyses of substrate compositions on water retention, impacts of organic material sources, stormwater modeling, wireless monitoring and the adaptability of native plants. He has a bachelor's degree in ornamental horticulture from Iowa State University and graduate degrees in plant genetics from Pennsylvania State University. Prior to 2000, he served as senior research biologist at Monsanto Company; director of planting breeding at Pan American Seed Company; and botanic garden director at Descanso Gardens.

Posted: Friday, January 22, 2016 7:00 am

Learn the functionality of green roofs and the determining factors that impact their performance in this 10-hour online course recorded in March 2016. The biological and hydrological interfaces are discussed to further elucidate the dynamics of green roof systems.

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This online training is presented in five 2-hour sessions, totaling 10 hours of instruction.

Millions of square feet of Green Roofs have been installed throughout the United States and Canada. They have been proven to be effective mitigators of stormwater when their infrastructure components have been designed to meet performance parameters. Failures of green roof installations have been associated with the failure of one or more of the components.

This download includes a ZIP file containing 5 MP4 video files, 17 PDF files and 2 MS Word documents.

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