Sustainable City Network Webinars

  1. Sustainability in the City of Nashville, Tenn.

    This free 1-hour webinar on Aug. 3, will feature Erin Hafkenschiel, director of transportation & sustainability in the mayor's office at the city of Nashville, who will describe the city's sustainability initiatives, from its plans to reduce waste, increase its tree canopy and develop more green spaces, to its community solar project and food waste reduction program.
  2. Creating a Sustainability Strategy for Your Organization

    Sustainable City Network will present a webinar series in July for any personnel who are responsible for developing sustainability plans, greenhouse gas emission inventories, climate action plans or any sustainability strategy for a community, business or institution.
  3. Lean Thinking: Process Management Made Easy

    Sustainable City Network and the Northwest Environmental Training Center have teamed up to offer this 6-hour online course on the Lean process improvement system.
  4. FEMA Reporting: A Sustainable Approach

    Sustainable City Network presented the free 1-hour webinar FEMA Reporting: A Sustainable Approach on June 6, 2017.
  5. Green Infrastructure Projects – Communicating What Matters

    Sustainable City Network presented this free 1-hour webinar, Green Infrastructure Projects – Communicating What Matters, on Wednesday, May 24.
  6. The End of Tree Plagues in an Age of Invasive Diseases

    How do we blunt Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) losses, stop the next tree plague from devastating our communities, and create a better, stronger, resilient future forest?
  7. City of Palo Alto Sustainability: Webinar April 27

    Sustainable City Network hosted this free 1-hour webinar in April 2017, featuring the city of Palo Alto, Calif.
  8. Introduction to Sustainable Remediation

    Download this online training course for any personnel who investigate, remediate, regulate or monitor environmentally contaminated sites.
  9. Automating the Business Case for Green Buildings

    Join Autocase and Prologis to learn how to optimize the lifecycle financial, social, and environmental value of building less than half an hour, with Autocase for Buildings.
  10. New LEED Pilot Credit: How Economic Analysis is Making the Case for Sustainable Design

    This webcast describes the new LEED Pilot Credit - Informing Design Using Triple Bottom Line Analysis – and how Impact Infrastructure’s “Autocase for Buildings” simplifies the task of applying for the credit by auto-generating results for submission.
  11. Sustainability with Trees: Community Canopy Project

    In this webinar, recorded in January 2017, we explore how distributing trees through a community canopy project can fit with your sustainability efforts, help maximize energy efficiency and engage homeowners within your community.
  12. Image Matters: How to successfully manage your city's visual identity in a pro-growth environment

    Learn how to establish and perpetuate a civic brand that attracts homebuyers and stimulates growth, in this free 1-hour webinar recorded on Thursday, Jan. 12.
  13. Sustainability in Raleigh, N.C.

    Sustainable City Network hosted this free 1-hour webinar in October 2016, featuring the city of Raleigh, N.C.

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