Facility Management Systems Extend Life of Assets

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Posted: Tuesday, December 7, 2010 2:49 pm

Question: What does your Public Works building have in common with a stop sign downtown? With a little proactive maintenance, both can easily outlive their standard service life to save you money in the long run.

Not every organization can afford to staff a dedicated facilities maintenance function. And many times, the duties associated with building maintenance fall to individual departments. In a busy organization, everyday maintenance issues - such as leaky roofs, drafty windows and broken stair rails - are often added to an ever-growing maintenance log and set aside until a "better time" arises.

But what if it were your own home? Would you let a roof leak until it damaged itself and everything under it? Would you let drafty windows and doors continually cause thousands of dollars in unnecessary energy costs? Would you let a broken stair rail compromise your safety?

Just like any other asset, a building has its own special set of maintenance needs. But many organizations fail to acknowledge that facilities are as much a part of infrastructure as a sewer system, traffic signal or road. That's why best practices include buildings as a major component of any successful infrastructural maintenance strategy.

There are several useful facility management solutions on the market, each equipped with tools to help you create records on individual buildings, establish and automate regular maintenance schedules, and maximize the serviceability of your facilities. And when integrated with a work management system, many of these applications allow you to manage facility-specific work orders from initial request, to the scheduling of service through completion.

The information captured in a facility maintenance application gives a better sense of what you have now and what you'll need in the future. Right now, you might not have the budget necessary to complete capital improvements to your facilities. But with the information captured and housed in a facility management application, you'll have the hard data to help you make your case for those additional funds.

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