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9th International Conference on Obesity Medicine (Obesity Medicine 2016) on November 28-29, 2016 Melbourne, Australia. The conference highlights the theme “Advanced Therapy and Medicine for Obesity” which will be marked with the presence of renowned experts and professionals, business delegates and talented students in Obesity and endocrinology research across the globe ultimately making the event as a hub for knowledge transfer. This conference will be of interest to anyone concerned in learning, sharing issues and experiences regarding Obesity & its related areas of Medicine & Health Care. The program is a rich mix of formats ranging from keynote sessions featuring many well-known and thought provoking speakers to intense and highly interactive discussion sessions.


Obesity Medicine 2016 is a global platform to discuss and learn about Best ways to Lose Weight, Genetic Obesity- Risk factors, Obesity- Epidemiology, Endocrinal Obesity and Hormonal Therapy, Obesity Medications, Obesity- Dietary therapy, Childhood Obesity- Causes and Treatment, Bariatric surgery, Impact of obesity , weight loss Supplements and Pills, Obesity and cancer, Effect of Obesity on Cardiovascular,  Diabetes and Obesity, Nutritional Supplements, Exercise, Yoga and Physical stress, Childhood obesity, Anti-obesity medication, Advanced Weight loss Treatments & strategies and Behavioral Medicine and Counseling studies.


           Overweight affects more than a billion adults worldwide. Both abdominal and general and obesity have been shown to be risk of morbidity and mortality. The problem of obesity and overweight has therefore proceeded as one of the most regular global issues. Childhood obesity is also associated with earlier type 2 diabetes and with an increased mortality risk for coronary heart disease in adults. Due to Endocrinal Obesity, throughout body is affected, and 4 of the top 5 causes of death including diabetes and cardiovascular disease are related to obesity. Cardiovascular disease and Diabetes are of major importance, with patients at risk for type 2 diabetes being particularly increase in BMI.


         Hormones play a critical role in maintenance of body weight. Glucocorticoids, glucagon, insulin,    thyroid, androgen hormones, and growth hormones are effect on body functioning and activities can cause obesity. There are many interrelated factors, such as genetics, lifestyle and how your body uses energy. Obesity has a far-ranging negative effect on health.


       Obese individuals want to lose weight; it’s important to combine healthy eating with regular exercise/physical activity. Yoga is best option and considered as one of the best effective alternative medicines for obesity and helps in reduction of mental stress. Obesity medicines constitute pharmacological agents that reduce or control over weight. This type of drug alters one of the fundamental assessment processes of the human body- weight regulation, by altering either absorption of calories or appetite. The main treatment modalities for obese and overweight individuals remain dieting and physical exercise.


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