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Sustainable City Network (SCN) is produced by WoodwardBizMedia, a division of Woodward Communications, Inc.

SCN is a media and publishing operation based in Dubuque, Iowa, that provides government, education and healthcare professionals with quality and timely information on sustainability products, services and best practices.

The web site’s primary audiences are city and county government professionals and elected officials, as well as academicians, healthcare facility managers, business leaders and certain federal officials who play important roles in supporting sustainability. Sustainable City Network's online content and collaboration tools help create a distinctive niche community and marketplace where sustainability professionals can interact with colleagues and vendors in an easy and efficient way.

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Our Mission: “To make U.S. cities more sustainable through quality and well-organized information.”



Group Publisher
Karen Ruden - 563-588-3858

Publisher & Executive Editor
Randy Rodgers - 563-588-3853

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Associate Editors
Kathy Regan
Michael Manning

Contributing Writers
F. Alan Shirk
Jessica Chapman
Julianne Couch
Mary Glindinning
Michelle Volkmann

Graphic Art/Design
Eric Faramus
Spencer Birkenholz

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Our Products

sCityNetwork.com: The latest sustainability news and information for leaders in government, education & healthcare.
Free Webinars: Hour-long webinars on various topics. Download recordings in our content store.
The Growing Sustainable Communities Conference: Held annually the first week of October at the Grand River Center in Dubuque.
The InBox e-Newsletter: A free weekly digest of current news and information on sustainability.
Sustainable City Network Magazine: A compilation of the most popular articles on our web site.
White Papers: Download free white papers and other helpful documents in our content store