Portable Solar Generators Make a Difference in Relief Efforts

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Posted: Tuesday, January 16, 2018 5:00 pm

HOUSTON, Texas -- When Hurricane Harvey flooded much of Houston, it also knocked out the electric power that people needed to clean up after the storm.

So when the Preemptive Love Coalition, a nonprofit relief organization, sent a team to Houston to help with recovery efforts, they had to bring along their own power supply. Thanks to a donation from Jackery, they were able to power their tools and devices using an innovative new product: the Explorer 500, a portable solar generator. Though not much bigger than a lunchbox, it is able to run power tools and other appliances, as well as charge up phones, tablets and laptops.

"The portable generators Jackery provided were indispensable to our relief efforts in Houston," said JR Pershall, Vice President of Preemptive Love Coalition. "Every hour counts when you’re drying out your home from a flood, it’s literally a race against time before the damage is irreversible. Jackery helped keep us working so we could get families back on their feet and in their homes."

Jackery’s portable solar generators have several advantages over gasoline-powered generators. They create zero exhaust, allowing them to be safely used indoors, and they’re completely silent, so they don’t disturb the peace outdoors. And with a solar panel included, they can be recharged using only the sun, meaning they’re eco-friendly and will never run out of fuel.

For the Preemptive Love Coalition, the donated Jackery products can be lifesavers, sometimes literally. Besides serving people in Houston, they also have an ongoing presence in war-torn parts of Syria and Iraq. There, Jackery products help doctors provide much-needed medical services, and allow relief workers to communicate even in remote desert areas.

SOURCE: Jackery

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