Sustainable City Network Webinars

  1. Building Better Outcomes

    We all care about the planet, but we also care about making smart financial decisions, and quite frankly, we have to work within budgets.
  2. Biogas Upgrading to Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)

    If your organization has access to biogas from landfills, wastewater or industrial waste, you need to attend this free 1-hour webinar, sponsored by Unison Solutions.
  3. Introduction to Green Building Economics

    On Tuesday, Sept. 25, join our webinar, which qualifies for 1 Learning Unit (LU) through the American Institute of Architects (AIA).
  4. AWWA Webinar: Potable Reuse Treatment Strategies and Considerations

    The American Water Works Association will host a 1.5-hour online class Nov. 7 about the considerations involved with potable reuse systems.
  5. Sustainability in New York City

    Recorded in August 2018, this free 1-hour webinar features the sustainability initiatives of the City of New York.
  6. Post-Disaster Recovery Planning Before and After

    Sustainable City Network will host this 4-hour online course for anyone responsible for initiatives related to resilience and disaster recovery planning.
  7. Community Canopy: Private Property Tree Distributions Made Easy

    A private property tree distribution via the Community Canopy program can assist with growing your community's urban tree canopy and support your sustainability and resiliency efforts.
  8. Meet Sustainable Minneapolis

    Sustainable City Network hosted this free 1-hour webinar in July 2018, featuring a team from the City of Minneapolis, Minn.
  9. Navigating Asbestos, Lead-Based Paint and Crystalline Silica in Older Buildings

    This 6-hour online course hosted by Sustainable City Network in June 2018 will teach you how to identify and properly handle three environmental hazards commonly found in older buildings.
  10. Agile and Sustainable City Planning - Webinar

    This free 1-hour webinar features planners from the city of Madison, Wis., and the Sonoma County (Calif.) Transportation Authority, who discuss how new planning software solutions developed by UrbanFootprint are helping them better support their communities.
  11. Sustainability in the City of Plano, Texas

    Sustainable City Network hosted this free 1-hour webinar in May 2018, featuring the city of Plano, Texas.
  12. Hazard Mitigation Planning Fundamentals

    Hazard mitigation planning is becoming increasingly important as extreme weather events continue to worsen. Every part of the world is susceptible to experiencing some type of natural or man-made hazard, so it is important to:
  13. Innovative Climate Solutions in Salt Lake City

    Sustainable City Network hosted this free 1-hour webinar in April 2018, featuring the sustainability leadership of Salt Lake City, Utah.

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