Introduction to Green Building Economics

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Robert Phinney is sustainable design director at Page.

Jim Draheim is president of Sustainable Sciences Group.

Eric Bill is principal consultant at Autocase.

Posted: Friday, September 14, 2018 3:43 pm

Sustainable City Network hosted this free 1-hour webinar in September 2018. It will help architects better understand how to craft objective and transparent business cases to support sustainable design, including health, safety, and welfare aspects.

Introduction to Green Building Economics is instructed by Eric Bill, VP Economics at Autocase, who is joined by two clients: Robert Phinney, sustainable design director at Page and Jim Draheim, president at Sustainable Sciences Group. The three present case studies where Robert and Jim, as architects, discuss how they use TBL-CBA economics to deliver optimal projects.

Triple Bottom Line-Cost Benefit Analysis (TBL-CBA) is an economic method that quantifies the financial, social, and environmental impacts of a given project or proposal, all in dollar terms. This makes it possible to justify a project uncontestably to key stakeholders whether they be investors, government officials, building owners, tenants or the local community.

Click here to download a recording (MP4) and the presentation slides (PDF).

This free 1-hour webinar is sponsored by Autocase.